The Family Farm Survival Guide

Running a farm is bloody hard work and the chances are that if you've reached this page then you and your family have already survived a lot - and not just from the continual challenges thrown at you by mother nature.

The last thing anyone wants is for a family to be torn apart over what should be the passing on of generations of wealth, love, lifestyle and let’s face it - blood, sweat and tears.

In this guide, we explore the four big questions around family farm survival:

When do we really need to be thinking about long-term, inter-generational survival?

Who does this affect?

What are we going to do about it and what does "fair" really look like?

How on earth are we going to do this?


do you need to think about long-term, inter-generational survival?

"You need to do the strategic thinking as you go along in life, rather than at the end. Perhaps it should be called a life plan rather than a succession plan."


does it affect?

"There are usually a number of family members who could be affected by family farm succession from husband and wife, to their children, grandchildren and in-laws."


are you going to do about it & what does “fair” really look like?

"As in any negotiation, there are many compromises that can be made when coming up with a plan that satisfies divergent needs, and timing can often be a useful tool in reaching these compromises."


on earth are you going to do this?

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A trusted advisor to many, we have been offering a range of critical services to family farmers since the early 1970s.

Decades of Experience

When Don Munro and Barry Virgo started the practice on 1 July 1973, their intention was to provide a client base of rural and urban businesses with first class taxation and accounting services. The emphasis was to be on sound advice delivered personally by professionals who took the time to really understand the issues that clients from all walks of life faced.

Today, the firm is well positioned to service the needs of new businesses setting up in Western Australia and continues to act as trusted advisor to many long-standing clients. The Managing Director, Simon Strawbridge, has been with the firm since 1986 and acts as the first point of contact for new clients.

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